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Paintbrush Rocket | Miro Madness! K-5 Miro Favorites
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Miro Madness! K-5 Miro Favorites

Miro Madness! K-5 Miro Favorites

Miro is one of my favorite artists. Β I love his playfulness approach with the elements of art. Here are a few of my favorites that inspire the following projects.

100_9414 100_9415Β 100_9416

Β Β 2016-11-04_20-50-00 2016-11-04_20-51-26

Kindergarten Painted Primary Shapes withΒ Printed Lines and Circles

100_9410Β  Β Β 100_9412

Also in Kindergarten, I have has them create “Miro Self-Portraits”. Β They scribbled with the primary colors plus green… Miro’s favorite colors, then painted a Miro body. Β Add some stars and you are done!

100_9500Β Β 100_9501

100_9502Β  100_9503

100_9504Β Β 100_9505

100_9475Β Β  100_9476

100_9477Β  Β 100_9478

First Grade Miro Bugs – First students drew monochromatic decorative lines on the three pieces of paper, red, yellow, blue and/or green. Then they cut freehand freeform shapes and glue them to the background paper. Β Then using India Ink, we painted the details to make our bug have the Miro face and details!

100_9216Β Β  100_9217

100_9218Β  Β 100_9219

100_9222Β Β  100_9223

100_9224Β  Β 100_9225

Second Grade Miro Abstracts – First we scribbled with one color of crayon in the background, like Miro did on his own works of art. Then we painted lines that crossed and let them create a picture of their own. Adding a black ball at the end and some crisscross stars. Β The next week, we used Miro colors, red, yellow, blue and green to color in and around the shapes.



20150413_095054-1Β  Β Β 20150413_095103-1

This version we added cut moons, stars or suns like Miro’s versions above.Β 100_9460Β  Β  100_9462

100_9464Β  Β 100_9465

100_9466Β  Β  100_9467

This is another version. Β We cut some simple shapes, glues them in groups, outlined them with black tempera,and added our Miro touches!

100_9429Β  Β  100_9430

100_9431Β Β  100_9432

100_9433Β Β  100_9434

Third Grade Miro Constellations – These were created when the 3rd grade was learning about the constellations. Β First we used monochromatic chalk pastels to give a dusty atmosphere to the paper and then used spray bottles with some monochromatic watercolor paint in the bottle to spritz the paper. Next, weΒ created lines by printing thin cardboard and dots with thick sponges on a stick. Some q-tips for the little groups of dots. Week two, we colored in the circles/half circles. Very simple and fun!

100_9469Β  Β 100_9470

100_9480Β Β  100_9483

100_9506Β Β  100_9508

Third Gradeis a fun age to make Miro Bugs by painting freeform shapes for the head, thorax and abdomen. Then break up the shapes a little with some lines, paint wings, a face, some legs and antennas, you have yourself a bug! I have finished these differently, either colored in with oil pastel or painted in with tempera. Β Keeping with our favorite Miro colors, red, yellow, blue and green.

100_7503Β  Β 100_7504

100_7505Β  Β 100_7520

100_7521Β Β  100_7522

100_7523Β  Β 100_7765

100_7843Β  Β 100_7844 20150323_095654-1Β  Β 20150414_113517-1

20150414_113511-1Β  Β 20150414_113437-1

Third Grade has done these Miro Abstracts by over lapping free form shapes, adding a couple large lines crossing through the composition. Β Adding some smaller lines, all ending with s dot at the end. Β Then coloring in the shapes with oil pastels.



100_9417Β  Β 100_9418

100_9419Β Β  100_9420

100_9421Β  Β 100_9422

100_9423Β  Β 100_9424

100_9425Β Β  100_9426

100_9427Β Β  100_9428

These Fourth grade Miro Aliens are fun for storytelling! They get into these! Started with tan paper, used brown crayon on texture plates to create a burlap look to the paper, like Miro’s paintings on raw, dark canvas. Β Then created aliens with freeform shapes and line! Colored in the alien bodies and details with oil pastel in Miro colors!


100_9435Β Β  100_9436

100_9437Β  Β 100_9438

100_9439Β  Β 100_9440

100_9441Β Β  100_9442

Fifth grade created these Outer Space Abstracts by first using Miro colors for the back ground with chalk pastels. Then painting planets, starts and floating aliens in space with lines intersecting them. Β All the shapes were then colored in with oil pastel.

100_9451Β  Β 100_9452

100_9453Β  Β 100_9454

100_9455Β  Β 100_9456

100_9457Β Β  100_9458


These were inspired by Miro’s People, Dog and Sun. We turned our paper to draw with black oil pastel 2 people, a dog and sun. Β Then painted in with tempera. Brown chalk on the brown paper for some texture.

100_9513Β  Β 100_9514 100_9515 100_9516 100_9517

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