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Paintbrush Rocket | 4th Grade – Sugar Skulls with Black Glue & Chalk
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4th Grade – Sugar Skulls with Black Glue & Chalk

4th Grade – Sugar Skulls with Black Glue & Chalk

I love teaching Day of the Dead! Β Sugar Skull are a favorite to make, I have taught them in many ways. Β This year I decided to make them BIG and with black glue. Β Maybe not the smoothest process, but the end results are great.

Day 1 – Students traced the large Sugar Skull pattern and added large designs with pencil. Β Then, outlined everything with black glue, (I mix 1/2 gallon of Elmers Glue All and 1 cup of India Ink – it takes for 100 students 1 gallon). Β These may need to have a fan on low on them over night. Β It was humid this fall, these took a whole day to dry.

img_1860Β  Β img_1864


Day 2 – Blending with chalk pastels. Once the chalk started to fly, the dust did cover the balck glue more than I expected, even withΒ paintingΒ water on first. It helpsΒ control theΒ dust and smudging, but I still thought they needed something else. Β So…

img_1968Β Β  img_1969

img_2032Β  Β img_2033

img_2012Β  Β img_2069

img_2014Β Β  img_2015

Day 3 Β – We Outlined them with black India Ink on top of the glue. Β It helped! They all look very finished and unique!

img_2070Β  Β img_2071


img_2125Β Β  img_2127

img_2128Β Β  img_2129


img_2235Β Β  img_2236

img_2237Β Β  img_2238

img_2239Β Β  img_2240

img_2241Β Β  img_2242

img_2243Β  Β img_2244


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