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Paintbrush Rocket | 3rd Grade – Starry Night SPOOKY Style!
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3rd Grade – Starry Night SPOOKY Style!

3rd Grade – Starry Night SPOOKY Style!

I love Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night so much and wanted to have some fun with it this fall. Β So… in the spirit of Halloween, we made our Starry Night’s SPOOK-tacular!

Week 1 –Β Β We startedΒ the sky with yellow tempera and TINTED with white for stars. The goal was toΒ practice our best Van Gogh marks! Slowly we added the tiniest of orange to make a golden yellow color… then a little more. WeΒ continued with purple and white… mostly white with a hint of purple. Β Continuing our mark making.

img_1847Β Β  img_1848 img_1849

Week 2 –Β Β we worked for round two on our sky, smaller brushed, really focusing on the mark making. Β Then the ground. We painted that part fast, with big brushes. Β More TONE mixing at this point. Β Purple and dark gray.

img_1866Β  Β img_1868

img_1869Β  Β img_1870

Week 3 – We painted the cypress tree, haunted house and anything else spooky we felt like adding with India Ink.

img_1933Β Β  img_1993

img_1996Β  Β img_1997


Week 4 – We drew on the India Ink only with Silver Sharpie. If students use the Sharpie softly, it does not ruin the marker… but ONLY ON THE INK! The tempera paint will quickly ruin the marker! This is officially one of my all time favorite lessons to teach!!! A repeater for sure!

img_2019Β Β  img_2020

img_2022Β  Β img_2025








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