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Paintbrush Rocket | 3rd Grade – Day of the Dead Skelo-cats!
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3rd Grade – Day of the Dead Skelo-cats!

3rd Grade – Day of the Dead Skelo-cats!

Wow! Β This is it! My new favorite project of the year! Β Students LOVED it, and I LOVED teaching it! Β Don’t you think that is the best part of our jobs! We get to beΒ soooo excited about something and share our enthusiasm with our students. Β Here is my Day of the Dead Prezi I use with all my classes. Β Day of the Dead Prezi.

Day 1 – Prezi and painted a silhouette of a cat on colored construction with black tempera.

Day 2 – We painted the cat skeleton with white tempera and painted three flowers on a separate 6×12. Student rotated around the room – one color per table.

Day 3 – Cut out flowers, glue them down, add India Ink details to flowers and print dots in the background for a finished look.

Β Β Β Β Β 2015-11-02-17-00-07Β  Β  2015-11-02-17-00-41



Β 2015-11-01-06-45-21


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