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Paintbrush Rocket | Kindergarten – Lichtenstein’s in Primary Colors!
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Kindergarten – Lichtenstein’s in Primary Colors!

Kindergarten – Lichtenstein’s in Primary Colors!

This has been my new favorite Kinder project this year… one I pulled out of a hat 10 minutes before they were coming. Β You know… one of those days you’re sure they were not finished with the last project, but.. the were!

I fast… pre-drew a curve at the bottom of the papers for the sun and made it work! First day, we talked a lot about primary colors and the color wheel. Β I showed them the three Lichtenstein paintings below and we outlined the sun in blue and painted the rays. That was it. Β Next week, we painted in three sections yellow, (including the sun), then printed circles with red using a circle sponge on a stick. Next week , we printed the stripes with cardboard and added some printed circles. Β DONE! They ALL turned out cute! Β My other two classes did stars and lightning. Β I pre-drew both the star and lightning and taught it basically the same way. Β The only difference, the star and lightening needed a cardboard printed outline. Overall, great results!!!

2016-10-06_10-29-50Β Β  2016-10-06_10-30-40


20160111_095802Β  Β  20160111_095806

20160111_100442Β  Β  20160111_100449

20160115_140850Β  Β  20160115_140859Β  Β  20160115_140921

20160126_141127Β  Β  20160126_141134


20160128_143237Β  Β  20160128_143249_24045813794_o

20160128_143300_24306301359_oΒ  Β  20160128_143315_24556209522_o

20160128_143331_24647776546_oΒ  Β Β 20160128_143355

20160128_143410_24580460641_oΒ  Β Β 20160128_143422_24580463571_o



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  • Jillian Nintze
    Posted at 12:43h, 04 February Reply

    Love it! I appreciate this more than the Mondrian lessons. Great work!

  • Angela C.
    Posted at 05:56h, 10 February Reply

    Awesome lesson!

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