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Paintbrush Rocket | 2nd Grade – Picasso’s Three Musicians Collages
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2nd Grade – Picasso’s Three Musicians Collages

2nd Grade – Picasso’s Three Musicians Collages

I am certain this was not my original idea, but I am not sure who the idea came from! I have done this project a couple times over the last 6-8 years. Β All I know, someone had a great idea to create these in cut paper with sheet music backgrounds!


I borrowed a piece of sheet music from our music teacher and copied it on the copy machine 11×17. Β I had a tray of paper, we talked about geometric and freeform shapes. Β Started by cutting out three heads, bodies, legs. Β Then hats, instruments and arms. Β Once all glued down with glue stick, we added the sharpie marker details. Very simple, yet very fun!

Β  Β  Β 20151109_151456

20151109_151542Β  Β Β 20160114_091651

20160114_091641Β  Β  20160114_091634

20160128_143702_24556266702_oΒ  Β 20160128_143830_24674082295_o

20160128_143817Β Β  20160128_143806

20160128_143733_24306369369_oΒ  Β 20160128_143906_24647862456_o

20160128_143854_24306390339_oΒ Β  20160128_143840_24674084745_o



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