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Paintbrush Rocket | 1st Grade – Cityscapes AND Seascapes!
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1st Grade – Cityscapes AND Seascapes!

1st Grade – Cityscapes AND Seascapes!

I love teaching young ones to notice the details of the world. Β Pointing out the differences within the landscape of our city, state and all over the world opens up our students minds to notice the details. Both these two projects include an element of printmaking. Β The city, we used cardboard and black paint to print a city and the seascape, we folded our paper to print the reflection of our boats. Β Both of these projects I found on Pinterest, and have adapted to my classroom. Β Enjoy!


20151016_133355 20151016_133429 20151016_133453 20151016_133515 20151020_094742 20151020_094802 20151020_094925 20151020_094839 20151020_094905


20150910_134520 20150910_134530 20150910_134535 20150910_134542 20150910_134607 20150916_132801 20150916_132811 20150916_132818 20150916_132902 20150916_132917 20150917_133256 20150917_133310Β 20151027_134422_22523397855_o

Β 20151027_134435_21900675784_oΒ  Β 20150918_134246

20151103_095116 20151103_095130 20151103_095143 20151103_095156 20151103_095212

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