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Paintbrush Rocket | Kindergarten – Robot Zombie Frankenstein!
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Kindergarten – Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

Kindergarten – Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

This is one of my favorite new books to teach! Robot Zombie Frankenstein by Annette Simon… ย It is VERY silly and perfect motivation for Kindergarten! They LOVED the book, I was even asked to read it a second time! ย I taught this in October, perfect timing for Halloween.


We started with two squares, small for the head and large for the body… and then they went for it!!!

img_2133 img_2134 img_2138 img_2084 img_2086 img_2087 img_2088 img_2089 img_2090

Then Sharpie details to turn the robot into… a ZOMBIE! ย And FRANKENSTEIN!

img_2210ย  ย img_2203

img_2198ย  ย img_2186

AND A SUPERHERO… AND A PIRATE…AND OUTER SPACE INVADER…AND IN DISGUISE… AND A CHEF!!!!! EATING PIE!!! My studentsย LOVE IT!!!! ย ย They all started the same, but they all look totally unique! Super fun!!!

20150413_094710-1ย  ย  20150413_121732-1

20150413_121656-1ย  ย 20150413_094823-1


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