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Paintbrush Rocket | Kindergarten – Expressive Hot Air Balloons!
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Kindergarten – Expressive Hot Air Balloons!

Kindergarten – Expressive Hot Air Balloons!

This is a new favorite project of mine! I found an image of a beautiful watercolor hot air balloon on Pinterest by Betsey McLawhorn. ย It was so very inspiring, I turned it into a kindergarten project!



We started by painting a paper with tempera cakes.

20160226_092711ย  ย 20160226_093253

20160226_093258ย ย  20160226_093320

20160302_141745ย ย  20160302_141749

20160302_141756ย  ย 20160302_141809

I pre-traced the top of the hot air ballon. ย They traced themselves with sharpie and drew their own seams after a demonstration.

20160303_141328ย ย  20160303_141338


After cutting and gluing the balloon on a white background, we drew baskets with people. ย Then we discussed perspective… near and far… how scale changes. ย They added their own details on the ground…. so cute! ย I love this kind of lesson, it is a big creative confidence builder!


20160304_101020ย  ย 20160304_101033

A funny observation… These two were created by girls….


And these two were created by boys….. Hahahahaha….. gross motor even in their drawings!



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