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Paintbrush Rocket | 1st Grade – Miro Abstracts
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1st Grade – Miro Abstracts

1st Grade – Miro Abstracts

Joan Miro’s bold abstracts with the heavy black line and scribbly backgrounds make me happy! I love to use Miro to teach my younger students how to balance line making… teaching them how to make it look random, but really, there was a plan all along. Β They did a great job here! My main goal is to have students create lines that crisscross in an interesting way. Β 


We discuss Miro’s color choices as well. Β We notice he likes the primary colors…. plus green. Β It must have been his favorite color combination, he used it a lot! Β This project is always successful! Β Students love to learn about Miro and create something unique in his style. Β Sometimes I think they are better Miro’s than Miro! Β 


20150413_095045-1Β Β  20150413_095054-1 20150413_095103-1

A different year… similar, but a bit different.

100_9460Β Β  100_9462

100_9464Β  Β 100_9465

100_9466Β  Β 100_9467



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