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Paintbrush Rocket | 2nd Grade Romero Britto Cats & Dogs
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2nd Grade Romero Britto Cats & Dogs

2nd Grade Romero Britto Cats & Dogs

I LOVE Romero Britto! Β His art is so full of color energy, it wakes me up just to look at it! Β Just like a cup of coffee! Β My students loved Britto too, they loved making these cats and dogs. Β Everyone was able to choose cat OR dog, since some people are cat people and others dog people. Β The first day we looked at several of his works of art and discussed his use of color and pattern, and then I directed a drawing lesson with 4 variations of ears, and sitting positions.

They did a great job!


Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β 20160204_145810Β  Β 20160204_145848

20160203_145926Β Β 20160203_151100





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