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Paintbrush Rocket | 1st Grade – Monster Box Sculptures
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1st Grade – Monster Box Sculptures

1st Grade – Monster Box Sculptures

These silly Monster Box Sculptures came from a great Pinterest find! (

My student teacher Emily Measor took on the teaching of this lesson. Β She added some of her own creativity and look! AwEsOmE cuteness!

The tissue boxes were painted first with tempera paint. Β Then students added their own creativity with sponge dots in any colors. Β White zigzag cut lines were added for scary teeth!

100_5171Β Β Β 100_5172

Next, some Model Magic eyes are added with large googley’s in the middle. Some paper feet, pipe cleaner antennas and scrap yarn for some crazy hair. Β The kids LOVED making these and LOVED show them off to their parents at our Art Festival. Β Great job Emily!!!


100_5174Β  Β 100_5175

100_5187Β Β  100_5186

100_5185Β Β  100_5184

100_5183Β Β  100_5182 100_5343Β Β  100_5342

100_5341Β Β  100_5340


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