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Paintbrush Rocket | 2nd Grade – Laurel Burch Patterned Cats
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2nd Grade – Laurel Burch Patterned Cats

2nd Grade – Laurel Burch Patterned Cats

This lesson makes me so happy… I LOVE teaching it. This is a creative confidence grower! We look at Laurel Burch’s Patterned cats. Β Here a couple favorites of mine…

2016-11-04_09-36-26 Β Β 2016-11-04_09-39-14

We start by discussing Laurel Burch’s COLORS and PATTERNS on her cats. Β Lots of WARM & COOL COLORS. Β She likes to use the color families or ANALOGOUS COLORS. To set the scale of the project, I have my students trace a 6″ circle with pencil for the head. Β Then I guide the drawing of the body, we paint over the pencil drawing with black tempera paint.Β Β OnceΒ the body is complete, students are give freedom to decorate directly with DECORATIVE LINE PATTERNS they favor.

100_6959Β  Β 100_6961

100_6962Β Β  100_6963

100_6965Β Β  100_6966

The second week, we discuss her use of color. Β She tends to keep color families together. Β We practice some blending of colors and then go for it! Β The results are always very colorful!

100_7017Β  Β 100_7018

100_7019Β Β  100_7020

I have done this lesson a few times. Β Depending on my mood, we finish it differently. Β We often cut out the cat and glue him to a black paper for some contrast. Β Then choose a color for a border. If there is time, we might decorate the border with more decorative line.

100_7074Β Β  100_7075

100_7139Β Β  100_7140

100_7144Β  Β 100_7145

100_7146Β  Β 100_7147


100_7151Β  Β Β 100_7150

Β 103_2505

103_2506 Β 103_2508

103_2509Β Β  103_2507

103_2510Β  Β 103_2514

103_2512Β  Β 103_2513

103_2511Β  Β 103_2515

103_2516Β  Β Β 103_2518

100_7771Β Β  100_7772


100_7776Β Β  100_7777


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