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Paintbrush Rocket | 1st Grade – Laurel Burch Cats!
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1st Grade – Laurel Burch Cats!

1st Grade – Laurel Burch Cats!

My all time favorite lesson to teach to 1st Graders! Β It has lots of good vocabulary for them. Β WARM & COOL COLORS, DECORATIVE LINE, PATTERN. Β Creating this with mixed media gives students the practice of cutting, gluing, painting, and drawing. Β Lots of transitions of materials makes for happy 6-7 year olds!

We start by looking at a couple of Laurel Burch’s Fantastic Felines…


I have the students trace a pattern of a cat head to get started. Either a tall or wide head. I have 4 classes, so one is a warm colored tall, cool colored tall, warm colored wide, and cool colored wide. Β Students cut zigzag and curvy lines from construction paper to create stripes. Β We add eyes, nose, cheeks and whiskers with construction. Β Then details can be in paint or marker. Β When I have silver and gold sharpies, I will let them add extra details that way, otherwise paint!

Β 20160210_134753

Β 20160229_134659Β Β  20160229_134718

20160219_094329Β  Β 20160219_094339

20160219_094346Β Β  20160219_103708

We also paint flowers and green leaves for the background. Β The flowers are tempera painted on white paper. Β We start with a 4″circles, paint them in solid, then paint a ring around them in a different color, then another ring in a new color but this time make the petals. Once they are dry, we outline them with India Ink and paint some leaves on green construction. This does make the project take longer, but the materials and processes are each so different, students are never bored. Β I teach 45 minute classes, it takes us 4 class meetings to have it complete.

100_7072Β Β  100_7108

100_7110Β  Β 100_7118

100_7119Β Β  100_7121

20160226_134216Β  Β 20160226_134222

20160226_134231Β Β 20160226_134238

20160226_134250Β  20160226_134737

20160226_134743Β  20160226_134804


20160226_135425_24652093343_oΒ  Β 100_7128

100_7130Β Β  100_7132

100_7134Β Β  100_7138

103_2495Β Β  103_2496 103_2498


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