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Paintbrush Rocket | 3rd Grade – Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers
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3rd Grade – Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers

3rd Grade – Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers

I love Georgia O’Keeffe’s large flower paintings. Β They are great for teaching ANALOGOUS COLORS and VALUE. Β I have the students start with a white 18×18 square. We draw the flower as big as the paper. We start with a circle close to the center, and three petals that stretch towards the corners or side… they have to be spaced apart, not touching. Then we draw a couple more, starting the petals off the sides of the others.

I have 4 classes, so each class works with one analogous color group. Β We start with first outlining the pencil lines. Next, mixing the colors three more times and outlining inward until the flower is fully painted. Β Next, we paint some leaves by outlining leaf shapes with India ink on green construction or green painted paper. Β Also… we give a black outline to the flower. Β Lastly, we cut everything out and arrange it on a 18×18 colored background. Β We added a little chalk to the background for an added texture. Β This makes for a beautiful display!!!

100_5117Β Β  100_5118

100_5119Β  Β 100_5120

100_5121Β Β  100_5124

100_5125Β  Β  100_5126

dscn1654Β  Β Β dscn1655

dscn1656Β Β  dscn1657

dscn1658Β  Β dscn1556

dscn1557Β  Β dscn1558 dscn1559

100_5370Β Β  100_5371



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