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Paintbrush Rocket | Warm and Cool
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Warm and Cool

Camouflage can be in any colors!  And not just for hunters!  This is a great lesson to teach CONTRAST and lack of contrast. We were inspired by Jasper John's and his camouflage numbers. I did give the students numbers to trace.  They were very thankful.  If...

Laurel Burch is most known for her cats but she makes some beautiful Suns and Moons!             After looking at Laurel Burch's Suns & Moons, students chose a paper color.  We discussed her use of WARM & COOL COLORS. If students were going to...

I love Georgia O'Keeffe's large flower paintings.  They are great for teaching ANALOGOUS COLORS and VALUE.  I have the students start with a white 18x18 square. We draw the flower as big as the paper. We start with a circle close to the center, and...