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Paintbrush Rocket | About PAINTBRUSH ROCKET
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Paintbrush Rocket
was born on a beautiful day in the Fall of 2009, during a somewhat rowdy Kindergarten Art Class.  I had been considering the idea of starting a blog in order to share all of the masterpieces being created by my little artists, but I needed to find a unique name that truly complimented the creative energy on display within my classroom.


Kindergarten arrived, as they always do, ready to paint! All dressed in their art shirts, with big smiles, as they walked through the door, they began to blurt out in unison…”What are we going to paint today!?!” They can never wait to get started, so once they all sat on the floor near the easel, I explained what we would be doing for the day.


Then I asked the class…”Who can tell me how to hold a paintbrush properly?”.  Several of my students raised their hands, making noises and looking desperate to be the one called upon.  I then noticed a little boy who was about to explode with the answer.  I could barely say his name when he stood up and shouted, “YOU HOLD A PAINTBRUSH LIKE A ROCKET!”.  He quickly held his hand like he was holding a paintbrush and made a very BIG gesture, as if it were a rocket shooting straight up into space.  I thought he was going to go right up through the ceiling demonstrating to the class.


All the students and I laughed in support of the idea, but he was absolutely right…paintbrushes should be held straight up and down…just like a rocket shooting up into space!  And thus, my name was born!