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Paintbrush Rocket | 5th Grade – Miro Compositions
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5th Grade – Miro Compositions

5th Grade – Miro Compositions

I love Miro so much! One of my all time favorites! These Miro inspired compositions were lots of fun to teach and my students LOVED them!  Part of the happiness with this project was the materials.  We used a heavy texture watercolor paper and some fancy Faber-Castell markers.  Here is the paper information from Sax…

A bit pricey, but one sheet per student, it was worth it!  They felt like REAL artists using this paper! They talked about it the whole project!

The other great tool we used was the Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush Artist Pen in black. It acts like a paintbrush/marker and is permanent like a sharpie.  It is AWESOME!!!! Not cheep… but again, a tool that you pull out for special projects!

Here are the Project Steps:

Day 1 – Looked closely at Miro in a slideshow, discussed his freeform shapes, colors, textures, odd creature like compositions.  Painted with Jack Richeson Tempera Cakes on the watercolor paper.  We dripped paint, splattered a little and painted some simple freeform shapes.

Day 2 – I gave students a 9×12 white piece of drawing paper.  On one side, we practiced drawing some free form shapes overlapping, adding some curvy lines with dots.  The other side we started with long curvy windy lines and tried to create some shapes with just line.  After practicing, we drew a design on the watercolor paper.  Students used the Faber-Castell Artist Pen to trace all the lines and draw anything direct they felt like adding.

1/2 of Day 3- Colored in a few of the shapes on the artwork with oil pastel.  Done!  We had extra time, so we completed self-assessments for two projects.











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