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Paintbrush Rocket | 5th & 6th Grade Studio – Mixing Tints
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5th & 6th Grade Studio – Mixing Tints

5th & 6th Grade Studio – Mixing Tints


This is a fantastic way to teach tint and tone.  I am sure there are better ways to draw this, but this is my strategy….

  1. I created a pattern for students to trace.  Line it up at the top of the 9×12 paper, trace the top and bottom.
  2. Slide the pattern over and trace just the bottom.  My patterns were NOT PERFECT! They did not line up perfect, it really does not matter, because they will not paint them perfect! 🙂



3. Finish the pattern on the left side. Make sure all students are caught up, Everyone’s paper needs to look the same.

4. Then using a ruler, draw a line between the points CLOSEST TOGETHER. It should look like a honey comb.


5. Draw the diamond shape on the top of the box starting in the middle of the paper by lining up the ruler on the bottom of the box above.  Students will get the hang of it if you start in the middle. Some of the sides will not have a line to follow, just draw as best as you can.


6.  Then, add the vertical lines inside each box.

7.  I recommend putting a color code on the boxes, we wrote a very soft L, M & D for light medium and dark.



I used egg cartons that I cut into strips. Each table had a couple colors and white.  Red & Magenta, Orange & Yellow, Yellow Green & Yellow, Green & Turquoise, Turquoise & Blue, Blue & Violet, and Gray & Black. Students also used a piece of tag board as a paint pallet. They drew on six circles to plan where to mix colors.

I let my students choose the colors.  Some liked monochromatic, some liked using as many as they could. There was a huge variety! As they were painting, they asked if they could make another one.  You know you hit it out of the ball park when they want to make another!  So… we made another! 🙂









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