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Paintbrush Rocket | 5th & 6th Grade Studio – Kandinsky Abstracts!
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5th & 6th Grade Studio – Kandinsky Abstracts!

5th & 6th Grade Studio – Kandinsky Abstracts!

This was a very expressive project!!! Next time I teach it, I will try to be sure to get more pictures of the process.  But for now, this has been a very creative lesson, my 5th and 6th grade studio art students loved it!  Enjoy the results, there were so many fantastic finished pieces, I could have included 25 more!!!

The details by day:

Day 1: After a Kandinsky slideshow and chat, we painted a watercolor 12×18 with tempera cakes.

Day 2: Finish painting watercolor paper, add a second layer in areas, dripping light splatter.  If done early, a regular piece of 80lb drawing paper, start a second one – a practice piece.

Day 3 : Draw a Kandinsky like composition with with rulers. circle patterns & pencil or by hand on both papers.  On practice paper, start outlining pencil with India Ink.

Day 4: Outline final watercolor paper with India Ink.  Start practicing blending with oil pastels on practice paper.

Day 5: Use oil pastels on the final watercolor paper – blending inside shapes or finding interesting areas to color.





















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