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Paintbrush Rocket | 5th & 6th Grade – Camouflage Jasper Johns NUMBERS!
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5th & 6th Grade – Camouflage Jasper Johns NUMBERS!

5th & 6th Grade – Camouflage Jasper Johns NUMBERS!

Camouflage can be in any colors!  And not just for hunters!  This is a great lesson to teach CONTRAST and lack of contrast. We were inspired by Jasper John’s and his camouflage numbers.

I did give the students numbers to trace.  They were very thankful.  If they wanted to draw their own, they could.

We are working on a big color mixing unit with my Studio classes.  I set up several colors at tables and they were able to travel to the colors they desired.  We talked about color schemes, they needed to have one, choose 2-5 colors and try to stick to tones of those colors when mixing. They did a pretty good job! These are our finished works of art!














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