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Paintbrush Rocket | TAA! Gnome Huts in Model Magic!
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TAA! Gnome Huts in Model Magic!

TAA! Gnome Huts in Model Magic!

I LOVE teaching teachers! WOW this has been an AMAZING group of CREATIVE people here at the Tennessee Arts Academy!!! Here is a step by step look at my Gnome Hut lesson.  This lesson has evolved…  Laura Lohmann of Painted Paper Art built upon my project by suggesting it needed a background.  The two of us presented this lesson at the Ohio Art Education Association convention a few years ago. It is a favorite for both of us! Proof that collaboration make a good project a great project! Here is a closer look….

This project is a SPACE and FORM project.  Of the elements of art, space and form can be skipped over a bit in the elementary classroom.  This project is intended to hit on these two elements that are very much related.  Forms reside with in a spaces. We are forms and we interact and live with in spaces.  This project illustrates this in a fun, playful way!

First, create the SPACE.  Cut two pieces of cardboard or chip board to the same size, (we used 7×7).  Then tape them together using any kind of tape.  I prefer the Kraft Tape, (lick and stick).  Using a wet sponge, moisten the tape to tape together.  Leave a little space between boards so that they can bend 90 degrees without trouble.

Then PAINT! Create a FOREGROUND, MIDDLEGROUND and BACKGROUND.  Having a walking path slowly get smaller helps illustrate this idea that things most forward are larger and things further away appear smaller.



Once painted, prop the boards up on a 90 degree angle with a paper tube.  Attach with the kraft tape.


Create the gnome hut by making a paper tube with a 3″ strip of tag board.  Then, make the top of the hut by cutting a 5″ circle in half.  Hold the half circle with the flat side up.  Take the corners and match them, making a cone shape.  Tape together.  Do not worry if there are holes, they will be covered.


Each student starts with half a pack of each color from a classpack.  However, the teachers used four whole packs. There were left overs, but to decorate the scenery with the model magic as well, a whole pack is needed.

First cover the paper tube with one color.  Make a large pancake and wrap it around the tube.  If the pancake is too thick, it might crack.  Do the same with the cone top. Then decorate.  Students can mix colors if they feel like it!





















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