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Paintbrush Rocket | TAA! – Needle Felted Medicine Dolls!
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TAA! – Needle Felted Medicine Dolls!

TAA! – Needle Felted Medicine Dolls!

Medicine Dolls, Sacred Dolls or Spirit Dolls are a new trend in craft doll making. They are all dolls created with an intention to bring warmth or a special message of love to the person it is given to. If you are interested in seeing what some artists are creating, take a look at my Pinterest folder full of Medicine Dolls.

Here are some dolls we created together at the Tennessee Art Academy….





Here is the process…

You will need a felting needle, foam block, core wool, colored roving, sticks and wool yarn.  Pull off a small handful of core wool and set to the side.


Take the larger piece of core wool and wrap it like a crescent roll. Attach the end of the wool with the needle, trying to not push the needle into the foam block.


Divide the remaining core wool into two pieces.


Attach one stick as an arm/leg by taking one of the extra pieces of core wool and wrapping it around the stick.  Attach the wool together with the needle, so the stick is not moveable.


Do the same thing on the other side so that the doll has two arms/legs.


Reinforce the stick by felting tightly around the stick.  You can see below, how tight the stick is attached.

Choose roving colors and wrap the bottom portion of the doll with several thin pieces.  Attach loosely with the needle.

Add roving hair and any details you wish to finish the doll in a unique way!

Here are the directions on the boxes we made to store our dolls. Plus these can be used to display the dolls.

We painted two 11×17 pieces of watercolor paper, the heavier the paper, the better for box making.  Then, each piece, on the backside, we drew with tagboard strips the grid you see here.  Each strip is lined up against the side of the paper, on all four sides and traced.  The LID was a 2.85 inch strip.  The BOTTOM was a 3 inch strip.  YES, the lid is the SMALLER THICKNESS.  This is so that it can slide over the bottom.  Then, each square in the four corners has an X.  That is the line to cut on each square, stopping at the corner.  Then fold all four sides and the square and glue together.  I prefer glue sticks for box making and using large paperclips to hold them shut.  Easy!



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