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Paintbrush Rocket | TAA! Happy & Sad Clown Stick Puppets!
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TAA! Happy & Sad Clown Stick Puppets!

TAA! Happy & Sad Clown Stick Puppets!

This is a very simple materials project that is a crowd pleaser.  I have made these Happy & Sad Clown stick puppets with my Kindergarteners many times, always a success! I pre-trace an 11″ circle on two papers for my students.  We draw these either with colored markers direct or sharpie first and color in with marker.  Paint is an option too.


Other materials needed, are sticks! Can be these short dowels I bought from Hobby Lobby or skewers, or even a couple craft sticks.  You will also need some colorful tissue paper.  I cut the tissue in approximately 4 x 3 inch pieces and fringe one end for hair.


After the faces are complete, tape a stick to the back.  The higher the stick, the more stable the puppet.  After the stick is attached, I walk around and but the glue on for my students. A nice healthy curve at the top to set two layers of tissue on top of.


After the tissue is glued to both clowns, I walk around and put a spiral of glue on and students glue the puppet together.


Here are some Happy Kindergarteners!  They did a great job!!!




Here are a couple from TAA!




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