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Paintbrush Rocket | 3rd Grade – Jasper Johns Camouflage Numbers
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3rd Grade – Jasper Johns Camouflage Numbers

3rd Grade – Jasper Johns Camouflage Numbers

I LOVE Jasper Johns… the texture, the painterly approach.  I usually do not love just primary colors together, but his use of a bit of a red orange and some golden yellows makes me happy… We looked at several works of art by Jasper Johns on the Smartboard. My 3rd grade students really were into him painting simple symbols everyone knows.  We discussed CONTRAST, the lack of contrast in his work makes everything look camouflaged.  The background around the numbers are painted with the same color intensity as the numbers…. lacking contrast.  The GOT IT!

After our discussion, on Day 1, students picked a double digit number.  I had cut several pattens for them to trace.  I have no problem having students trace when the lesson is not a drawing lesson.  Once traced, we outlined the number with blue and/or red oil pastel.



Day 2 – We began our painting.  I have seven tables, I put out red, red-orange, 2 yellow, golden yellow, blue and a turquoise-blue mix at all the tables.  I started by having students rotate to each table every 2 minutes.  Once it started filling up, they went to the table they wanted to go back to.  It seems like it would not take a long time to fill in two letters, but it took the whole 45 minutes! They were being very thoughtful about their brush strokes!




Day 3 – Background! Same thing, just around the numbers!  Suddenly, the numbers almost disappear!












  • Brea Wadel
    Posted at 09:41h, 04 April Reply

    These are FANTASTIC!

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