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Paintbrush Rocket | 1st Grade – Kandinsky Abstracts
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1st Grade – Kandinsky Abstracts

1st Grade – Kandinsky Abstracts

I LOVE teaching this lesson!  But actually, the next several photos are my student teacher, Sara Andrews’, fantastic results teaching it! I like to start with discussing Wassily Kandinsky’s simple shapes and simple lines… how he organizes them and the fact that he like to paint how music sounded to him.  Students love to discuss his work and imagine what sounds could look like!

We discuss warm colors and cool colors, balancing the two on their paper… while listening to music.  This should hopefully look like the music they listened to at the end!




Day 2 –  We fill in all the little white spaces with some oil pastel if students did not get them all filled.


After that, we discuss printing.  I demonstrate using cardboard, sponges on a stick and cotton swabs to print with.  DONE! A simple two week project with beautiful results!





Finished results by Miss Andrews





Some finished results from a few years ago.  This time, I let them paint one black wiggly line like Kandinsky.



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