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Paintbrush Rocket | 5th Grade – Fall Pumpkins
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5th Grade – Fall Pumpkins

5th Grade – Fall Pumpkins

I love this project for drawing FORM on a 2D surface.  Highlight and shadow… blending analogous colors… so fun!  I prefer this project on blue and purple construction paper.  Black glue and chalk are SOOOO nice together!

We start by tracing 6″ circles… three on the paper and three partially off, so that it looks like a snapshot of a pumpkin patch.  Then draw stems in the middle of the circles and draw the pumpkin groves from the stem area. I then draw a subtle curve from one grove to another to make the bottom of the pumpkin.

Then outline with black glue.  I mix mine in a gallon bucket… a half gallon at a time. A half gallon of Elmers GLUE ALL and a cup of strong India Ink.  I use Sax brand.  I love how these look!  I can’t take credit.  A great retired art teacher I used to work with developed this project probably 20 years ago.  It is a keeper!


img_2042    img_2040




img_2056    img_2055

img_2054    img_2053


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