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Paintbrush Rocket | 3rd Grade – Day of the Dead Skelo-cats!
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3rd Grade – Day of the Dead Skelo-cats!

3rd Grade – Day of the Dead Skelo-cats!

Wow!  This is it! My new favorite project of the year!  Students LOVED it, and I LOVED teaching it!  Don’t you think that is the best part of our jobs! We get to be soooo excited about something and share our enthusiasm with our students.  Here is my Day of the Dead Prezi I use with all my classes.  Day of the Dead Prezi.

Day 1 – Prezi and painted a silhouette of a cat on colored construction with black tempera.

Day 2 – We painted the cat skeleton with white tempera and painted three flowers on a separate 6×12. Student rotated around the room – one color per table.

Day 3 – Cut out flowers, glue them down, add India Ink details to flowers and print dots in the background for a finished look.

     2015-11-02-17-00-07    2015-11-02-17-00-41





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