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Paintbrush Rocket | Art Scouts 2016
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Art Scouts 2016

Art Scouts 2016

There are now (2) Art Scouts Summer Camps for you to choose from!!! 
Bowling Green, Ohio (June 2016) 
Franklin, Tennessee (July 2016)

Register soon at


I am very excited to be collaborating with this very talented group of ladies! Are you wondering… what do the 4 of us have in common??? We are passionate MESS MAKERS!!! We like our students hands to be dirty with paint, pastels, clay, and printing ink!  We like to get tangled up in yarn and stab at some roving! We like to make stuff!!!! Here is a little more about us…

I have been an elementary art teacher for 18 years.  I love giving my students experience with as many art materials as possible in a school year, much like the other 3 ladies.  I am a studied painter and ceramic artist but I love it all!  I consider myself a life long learner, always interested in experiencing new things. Presenting workshops and sharing my methods with other art teachers is fun and exciting! When you give, you receive… I always learn when I am sharing!

Laura Lohmann and I have been friends for years.  She is my local buddy, how lucky am I??? She teaches in a district next door to mine. We “crash” each others arts festivals every year, a great way to borrow ideas! We have presented at our state convention several times and twice now at NAEA.  I have watched her family grow, I taught her son and daughter for most of their elementary years….. a pleasure! Those Lohmann kids were a couple of my all time favorites! Laura is in a constant state of creativity.  Even when she is exhausted, nothing left to give, she comes up with the best ideas that are totally unique! Need a theme? An idea, a vision??? Ask Laura aka

Cassie Stephens is someone I have known of since 2009 when I started using Flickr to look for art lesson ideas, (pre- Pinterest!).  I started noticing this art teacher dressing in supercool vintage outfits, sweaters and skirts with funky shoes and things in her hair!  Soon, her blog was born and the rest is history! Our friendship has grown over the last couple years of chatting online and hanging out at the NAEA conventions. She is the real deal! Talented, full of personality AND has a SUPER big heart! I am sure you have seen her wonderful work at

Jennifer Alvarado is the Jonna Gaines of art education! Super cute style and sweetheart personality, you want to be her friend immediately! She is teaching her first year in Franklin Special School District, TN after teaching several years in Florida.  Jennifer is a talented elementary art teacher and especially likes the “littles”, the youngest in the building.  Bless her heart! She is new to entering the online Art Teacherin’ world, but is someone you want to follow!  Look for jennifer_alvarado_art on Instagram.

We ALL are very excited with the response we are getting from many of you!  These workshops will be A TOTAL HANDS ON ART MAKING EXPERIENCE! We know this will be something you will love, we have designed it to be an experience WE would want to have ourselves.  If you are not able to make it, or we fill up and you can get in, PLEASE do not be discouraged! We are planning more, please stay tuned!


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