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Paintbrush Rocket | 4th Grade – Texture Printed Cityscapes!
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4th Grade – Texture Printed Cityscapes!

4th Grade – Texture Printed Cityscapes!

This lesson is vintage…my mother, Judy Bowerman, taught this lesson and made the printing blocks over 25 years ago! She took a bunch of random rectangle wooden blocks and glued textured wall paper to them with wood glue.  They have lasted this long!!! And now, the texture from the wall paper is no longer visible. The blocks print the texture of layer tempera! But, they still create a stunning project.  This is one of those that EVERY student has a high level of success.  The best part of this project… easy clean up!  Just let the blocks dry! No washing!


Students move tablet to table to change colors.  I have a set of blocks for each table.

20160120_103854    20160115_104823

20160115_104839    20160115_104851

Week two, I cut up different sizes of cardboard and chip board, whatever is available to print the windows, doors, details.  And even a building that never existed before! Students LOVE this lesson and they all turn out great! I hope you try it!

20160126_103307    20160126_104144

20160126_104139    20160126_104639

20160126_104705    20160126_104649

20160128_105432    20160127_105906

20160127_104601    20160127_104551

20160127_104544    20160127_104531








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