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Paintbrush Rocket | Our Ceramic Pieces are DONE!
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Our Ceramic Pieces are DONE!

Our Ceramic Pieces are DONE!

When you teach 585+ students every four days, you find strategies to do things quick & easy, yet keeping the creative integrity. When I teach ceramics, I usually finish the clay with acrylic paint.  Glaze would be nice, but it is expensive and a lot more work for me.  So… about 15 years ago, I started dipping my clay pieces in a mixture of white semi-gloss latex paint, (yes… wall paint) and water.  About a 50/50 mix.  This mixture does two things… brightens the clay to a bright white and primes the clay with a base coat making the clay very easy to paint for k-5th graders.  Young kids have a hard time covering clay with paint when it is not dipped, the clay absorbs the moisture so fast, they have a hard time moving the paint around.  Then you are left with unpainted spots and a very unfinished/low quality finished product.  Not if you dip and prime it first! The paint flows like the kids expect it to.  Results???? Beautiful!!! This is what my process looks like….

Dipping table in action.

20151204_104546    20151204_104552

After it dries from dipping, I stack it back up in boxes.

20151204_104559    20151204_104605

Paint table set up… very simple! Canvas drop cloths for the tables works perfectly!


Kindergarten Tree Plaques

100_7336    100_7341 100_7340    100_7337

First Grade Owls


20151209_132830 20151209_133615


100_7350 20151209_132429100_7351 100_7352

Second Grade Luminaries

20151209_080140    20151207_092813

20151210_082653_23626590466_o 20151210_082712_23284720589_o 20151210_082623_23570227591_o

Third Grade Drape Bowls

20151207_112119    20151207_112346    20151207_112351    20151207_112408    20151207_114323    20151207_114336_23588590245_o

Fourth Grade Plates

20151209_103440  20151207_103629 20151207_103617

20151209_103448 20151207_10355920151209_103432 20151210_082603_23652660985_o 20151207_103800_23561360396_o 20151208_124813_22984690914_o 20151209_080154 20151208_124849_23244965239_o 100_7359 100_7360 100_7362 100_7363 100_7364 100_7365 100_7366

Fifth Grade Trays

20151207_125216 20151207_125309

20151207_125233 20151208_120819


20151210_114411_23028879263_o   20151211_100636

20151215_094826_23660307872_o   20151210_114829

20151210_114636_23629915046_o   20151215_094917_23142008263_o

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