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Paintbrush Rocket | ONE DAY!!! Keith Haring hits the Slopes Mural
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ONE DAY!!! Keith Haring hits the Slopes Mural

ONE DAY!!! Keith Haring hits the Slopes Mural

Right before winter break, I had one of those awkward days where I taught one day of students who were done with current projects and not mentally prepared to start anything new.  I was also in need of something more wintery to hang quick.  So…. we made a one day Keith Haring Snowboarder Mural!

This was not a “real project”… I did not spend much time talking about Keith Haring. I had a couple visuals on the smart board for a visual reference and shared the basics. They all liked his work and were ready to create!

20151216_104300   20151216_104314

20151216_104318   20151216_104331

20151216_105034   20151216_105055   20151216_105103

20151216_134539   20151216_134548

20151216_134554   20151216_134612

20151216_134638   20151218_094222

20151218_101604   20151218_101615

I had students focus their time on designing a creative snowboard. So, they traced MY Keith Haring figure patterns on to colored construction.  Most students had time to make 2 snowboarders.  They loved it!  Most the work was for me… I spent my workday changing the large boards.  Taking down the old mural and hanging this one for the next several weeks.  I love adding texture to a board when I can.  It is not overwhelming, just a hint.  But it makes a rather simple concept look more finished!





20151218_111320_001_23533930410_o  20151218_111253_23201480684_o


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