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Paintbrush Rocket | 4th Grade – Four Part Symmerty inspired by Tibetan Mandalas
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4th Grade – Four Part Symmerty inspired by Tibetan Mandalas

4th Grade – Four Part Symmerty inspired by Tibetan Mandalas

This lesson is ALWAYS successful… and for EVERY student.  I have used different artists or techniques as inspiration over the years.  This time, we looked at Tibetan Mandalas.  I showed students a Prezi I created on the Smartboard, Tibetan Mandala Prezi. I found a great time lapse video of Tibetan Monks creating a sand mandala.  The kids love it!  Feel free to borrow!

These were created on Bogus Paper with black tempera, then colored in with chalk pastels.  I have my students paint each section first with water before coloring with the chalks. This makes the artwork much more vibrant in color and eliminates a large portion of dust from the chalks.

20151109_105817    20151109_105755

20151113_105454    20151113_105438

20151113_105426    20151113_105412

20160111_103035    20160111_103804

20160111_103047    20160111_103040

They turned out great! They looked great hanging in our halls!

img_20160119_144118_24378023732_o    img_20160119_144033_24378012552_o

img_20160119_143943_23858103914_o    img_20160114_151131_24273109162_o

img_20160114_150925_24085711980_o    img_20160114_150812_24085693420_o


  • Chelsea Ambrose
    Posted at 12:48h, 23 May Reply

    What did you paint over the mandalas with to sort of seal in the chalk pastels? Is it a glue water mixture?
    Thank you!

    • gingerpacer
      Posted at 21:17h, 25 July Reply

      So sorry for a late response! I used Mod Podge. If you paint it on with a large brush, with few strokes, it really doesn’t smear! You do have to be careful, over brushing will smear a bit. 🙂

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