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Paintbrush Rocket | Square 1 Art – Inspired by Melanie Mikecz
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Square 1 Art – Inspired by Melanie Mikecz

Square 1 Art – Inspired by Melanie Mikecz

Every year for the last 15 years since Square 1 Art has been in existence, I have participated in this fundraiser. It is an easy to manage and has raised my classroom a TON of money.  What is a ton?  over $25,000!  I teach in an elementary school that supports this type of fundraising, I do realize, not everyone does.  I have a profit each year between $1200 – $2400.  Profits can depend on how adorable the projects are to how well the economy is doing.  Having the extra cash flow has enabled me to make purchases for my classroom that I would not have been able to make.

Every year I choose a theme of some type.  This year I chose the artist/illustrator Melanie Mikecz.  I put together a Prezi of her work , and then got busy being inspired by her patterns on her fun subjects. ALL of her illustrations are created digitally, yet she considers works to be mixed media.  She starts with paintings or basic design on paper, scans and photoshops away! No originals exist!  Only digital files! Here is a sample of her great work…

2016-10-06_08-01-59   2016-10-06_08-02-28

2016-10-06_08-03-12   2016-10-06_08-03-41


I find with Square 1 Art projects, it is important to use strong black line to draw and pattern.  It gives the artwork contrast which is important when students order smaller products.  When their images shrink, it is still clear.  I explained to my students that the artist did not use black in any of her work, but we needed to for the purpose of reprinting our artwork on fun products.  Here are some of our works inspired by Melanie Mikecz!

First Grade Fish!

20150909_132231 20150909_132250


Second Grade Turtles!

20150914_082037  20150914_082022


Third Grade Butterflies!

20150914_082215  20150904_151934

20150914_082243  20150914_082331



Fourth Grade Parrots!


20150909_132542  20150904_132102

20150909_132644  20150909_132502

Fifth Grade Owls!

21474131951_7993d0ef07_o  20150916_091938




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  • Mrs B
    Posted at 12:18h, 14 October Reply

    So effective, thank you for your comments and ideas. I will be doing these with my children. I love all the bright colours and the little details that the children have added makes each one different.

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