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Paintbrush Rocket | Third Grade – Joan Miro Abstract Freeform Shape Designs
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Third Grade – Joan Miro Abstract Freeform Shape Designs

Third Grade – Joan Miro Abstract Freeform Shape Designs

Some of my favorite Joan Miro paintings are the ones with many shapes overlapping and creating new shapes.  We looked at several of his works of art that created some interesting shapes from layering.  To create our compositions, we drew two very large, loopy freeform shapes, (on brown banner paper cut to 17×17), with the goal to create other shapes. This lesson is a great transition between two larger lessons that take a few meeting times.  This one only takes 2 class times and is very productive! I have finished this project with painting in the shapes with colored tempera, (red, yellow, blue, green…. Miro colors) or have used chalk & oil pastels.  It just depends on my mood and what materials my students have already used.  Take a look…

2016-10-06_11-42-00   2016-10-06_11-42-55

15573910437_ec347a6162_o  15573941987_29a24aa6a5_o

 15139653613_de2360354a_o  15574285300_b3aa6a5db6_o

 15573940627_fcdcb74a19_o  15735396776_f31c9d8e46_o



20150413_095516   20150413_095544

Finished with Chalk and Oil Pastels

100_9443  100_9444 100_9445  100_9446 100_9447  100_9448 100_9449  100_9450


  • Emily Horvat
    Posted at 20:46h, 23 September Reply

    What did you tell the kids to do for this? Did you have them paint on paper bags?

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