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Paintbrush Rocket | 2nd Grade – Miro BUGS!
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2nd Grade – Miro BUGS!

2nd Grade – Miro BUGS!

I love this silly work of art by Joan Miro. It looks like a crazy bug to me!  The title is “The Art of Seeing”… makes me think about how we teach children visual literacy… A great painting to ask children… “What do YOU see???”


We were inspired to make bugs… some are more alien like, but that is what abstract art is all about… seeing what YOU want to see and being inspired.  This is how it turned out…

100_7503   100_7504

100_7505   100_7520

100_7522  100_7523

These are finished with red, yellow, blue, and green tempera.

100_7764   100_7765


These are finished with red, yellow, blue, and green oil pastel.

20150323_095654-1   20150414_113517-1

20150414_113511-1   20150414_113437-1


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