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Paintbrush Rocket | 4th Grade – Ton Schulten Cityscapes
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4th Grade – Ton Schulten Cityscapes

4th Grade – Ton Schulten Cityscapes

I stumbled upon the artist Ton Schulten several years ago when I found a calendar of his paintings. I became hooked immediately! I love his bold colors and unique compositions with simple shapes. Lots of verticals and horizontals, easy to divide your paper for a color mixing project!  

2015-09-02_12-09-25       2015-08-31_08-41-42

After a comprehensive color theory lesson, we chose to focus on balancing warm and cool colors for our buildings. Then details with India ink.  These always look great displayed together! I encourage making their cities unique, add interesting doorways, windows.  Some have fun with this part, others stay simple.  Not matter what, they all look great in the end!



20150323_100636_16904856041_o   20150323_100647_16285843353_o

20150323_100705   20150323_100710



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