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Paintbrush Rocket | 1st Grade – Miro Abstracts
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1st Grade – Miro Abstracts

1st Grade – Miro Abstracts

Joan Miro’s bold abstracts with the heavy black line and scribbly backgrounds make me happy! I love to use Miro to teach my younger students how to balance line making… teaching them how to make it look random, but really, there was a plan all along.  They did a great job here! My main goal is to have students create lines that crisscross in an interesting way.  


We discuss Miro’s color choices as well.  We notice he likes the primary colors…. plus green.  It must have been his favorite color combination, he used it a lot!  This project is always successful!  Students love to learn about Miro and create something unique in his style.  Sometimes I think they are better Miro’s than Miro!  


20150413_095045-1   20150413_095054-1 20150413_095103-1

A different year… similar, but a bit different.

100_9460   100_9462

100_9464   100_9465

100_9466   100_9467



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