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Paintbrush Rocket | 5th Grade – Shoe Drawing SLO Testing is FINISHED!
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5th Grade – Shoe Drawing SLO Testing is FINISHED!

5th Grade – Shoe Drawing SLO Testing is FINISHED!

What a relief, seriously.  I don’t know about you, but I let the State SLO testing get to me. I promised this year I would not, (it was my New Years Resolution!), but stress creeps in as I find students are not scoring as well as I hoped.  But… overall, my students left me in a good position. My results are funny… several of my students who did not pass, drew their shoes so well in the Fall, there was not a enough points earned in the Spring to prove growth!  But the stretch was there, just not reached.  I rather have that problem than a bunch that did not grow at all.  There were still a nice handful of students who did not reach an appropriate growth level by truly struggling with seeing the details, or deciding to be lazy. But that is typical!  While I complain about this process… I am learning and growing as a teacher…. Did I just say that out loud???

I have to give that credit to The Art of Education.  I took their class last summer, Showing Student Growth in the Art. Wow… I learned a ton! And it calmed me down.  This is year 17 for me… No one taught me about SLOs in college!  It was a huge shift in thinking for me.  Still is… it is going to take me a while to get SLOs established as a common practice.  So here are the results of 5th grade!

The drawing above is the Fall Assessment, the drawing below is the Spring Assessment.





20150422_112249 20150423_074716






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