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Paintbrush Rocket | 2nd Grade – Landscapes Art Folders
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2nd Grade – Landscapes Art Folders

2nd Grade – Landscapes Art Folders

This lesson might look familiar…  This the lesson I taught my 2nd graders BEFORE the SLO test. The difference??? This was a directed drawing, making sure each student drew a house and a tree in the foregound, middleground and background, changing scale as things were further away.  Very simple, they could add anything extra they wanted to that would be appropriate for a landscape.

We first looked closely at several landscapes, but my favorite we used for our main drawing inspiration was this one below by Gabriele Munter.


I show my students how to draw a house with two sides, more 3-dimensional. How to add on a garage, driveway, roads.  They all want mountains like the painting, so they add those behind their third house.  This is seriously a fantastic lesson… every kid wants to draw something real, but they often times just simple need to be shown how to.  I have parents who are always so shocked at how well their child is drawing after completing this lesson!  I just got another landscape yesterday from a student who drew one at home to bring me.  It reinforces the success of the lesson when they go home to practice it!

Here is my sample… however, I usually draw this much larger on the chalk board so students sitting further away can see better.


20150422_134554    20150420_135250

20150414_135113    20150414_135051

20150420_135307    20150422_134525

20150422_134531    20150420_135215

20150427_093236    20150427_093310

20150427_093350    20150427_093404 20150428_092610   20150428_092619 20150428_092629   20150427_093431 20150428_092550


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