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Paintbrush Rocket | 1st Grade – Monster Box Sculptures
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1st Grade – Monster Box Sculptures

1st Grade – Monster Box Sculptures

These silly Monster Box Sculptures came from a great Pinterest find! (

My student teacher Emily Measor took on the teaching of this lesson.  She added some of her own creativity and look! AwEsOmE cuteness!

The tissue boxes were painted first with tempera paint.  Then students added their own creativity with sponge dots in any colors.  White zigzag cut lines were added for scary teeth!

100_5171   100_5172

Next, some Model Magic eyes are added with large googley’s in the middle. Some paper feet, pipe cleaner antennas and scrap yarn for some crazy hair.  The kids LOVED making these and LOVED show them off to their parents at our Art Festival.  Great job Emily!!!


100_5174   100_5175

100_5187   100_5186

100_5185   100_5184

100_5183   100_5182 100_5343   100_5342

100_5341   100_5340


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