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Paintbrush Rocket | 2nd Grade – Laurel Burch Patterned Cats
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2nd Grade – Laurel Burch Patterned Cats

2nd Grade – Laurel Burch Patterned Cats

This lesson makes me so happy… I LOVE teaching it. This is a creative confidence grower! We look at Laurel Burch’s Patterned cats.  Here a couple favorites of mine…

2016-11-04_09-36-26   2016-11-04_09-39-14

We start by discussing Laurel Burch’s COLORS and PATTERNS on her cats.  Lots of WARM & COOL COLORS.  She likes to use the color families or ANALOGOUS COLORS. To set the scale of the project, I have my students trace a 6″ circle with pencil for the head.  Then I guide the drawing of the body, we paint over the pencil drawing with black tempera paint.  Once the body is complete, students are give freedom to decorate directly with DECORATIVE LINE PATTERNS they favor.

100_6959   100_6961

100_6962   100_6963

100_6965   100_6966

The second week, we discuss her use of color.  She tends to keep color families together.  We practice some blending of colors and then go for it!  The results are always very colorful!

100_7017   100_7018

100_7019   100_7020

I have done this lesson a few times.  Depending on my mood, we finish it differently.  We often cut out the cat and glue him to a black paper for some contrast.  Then choose a color for a border. If there is time, we might decorate the border with more decorative line.

100_7074   100_7075

100_7139   100_7140

100_7144   100_7145

100_7146   100_7147


100_7151    100_7150


103_2506  103_2508

103_2509   103_2507

103_2510   103_2514

103_2512   103_2513

103_2511   103_2515

103_2516    103_2518

100_7771   100_7772


100_7776   100_7777


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